Refund policy

  1. In order to receive a refund or cancel a payment, contact us and provide us with the following information: a. Your username/email b. The reason for the refund. Requests for refunds can be posted only up to 30 days from the date of the original payment.
  2. The service provided by this website is instant after payment. Therefore, you cannot cancel or receive a refund (full or partial) for a payment, unless you didn’t receive the service you purchased due to technical reason on our website, or any other problem within our responsibility.
  3. You cannot receive a partial refund for partial use of a subscription. For example: If you purchased 12 months subscription and used only 8 months of it, you cannot receive a refund for the 4 months remaining. We will not refund you for months you didn’t use our service due to any reason that may be.
  4. Any refund request will be handled up to 7 days from the day of submission.