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Dating in Cameroon

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Tourism in Cameroon

Welcome to Cameroon! Welcome to a country which prides itself as “all of Africa in a single country.” Cameroon remains a mosaic of active volcanoes, thick rainforest, magnificent wild landscapes and soft, pure white-sand beaches. Even though a vast majority of Cameroonian speak French, the country has more than 250 indigenous languages. Elsewhere are the minority residents who speak English – showcasing the linguistic diversity of the country. In Cameroon, almost everyone seems to have something to carry around in their heads. When its fun time, the Makossa music gets the people vibing away. Top sights in Cameroon are the Mefou National Park, the Fon’s Palace, the Botanical Gardens, the Limbe Wildlife Centre, etc. From the Lake Chad region to the AtlanticOcean, Cameroon deserves all of its tourism hype.