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Hookups in the Bahamas

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Tourism in the Bahamas

The Bahamas archipelago remains a serene ecological oasis spread across 100,000 square miles of ocean, beginning at just 50 miles off the Florida coast. With over 700 breathtaking islands, 2000 cays and rocks, Bahamas is a destination that will spoil you for choice as far as enjoyment is concerned. The Bahamas waters are said to be the clearest on the planet – with a visibility of more than 200 feet. The light blue color of the water lets you clearly see your toes. A visit to the Bahamas lets you explore all of the country's beautiful islands and other natural wonders sitting in the space like Grand Bahama, Andros Island, Elbow Cay, etc. Also, you get to be affected by the charming smiles on the faces of the Bahamian people and their unique rich culture. Most of the people speak English, and the Haitian immigrants communicate in Creole.