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Belgium dating

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Tourism in Belgium

Belgium may be a small country in Western Europe, the history packed within the borders is quite full. Did you know that Belgium is where Napoleon met his Waterloo? Belgium is the place where the world got its Belgian waffles? Well, that's another incentive to travel there. Belgium has many desired destinations like: Bruges, Charleroi, Antwerp , Tournai and of course Brussels – the capital city – there are dated 14th-century guildhalls and also 20th century Art Nouveau townhouses providing tourists with an abundance of ancient and modern history.The Canals and Belfry of Bruges, Horta Museum, and Grand Place are other cool locations to visit. If you enjoy sports or any outdoor activity, the Ardennes – which is sitting in the heart of Belgium, is a great place to visit. If you find fun in cycling or hitting the beach, however, Belgian seaside remains an irresistible location. Belgians love the sumptuous meal and will invite you to have beers with them. The country has a rich culture and is propagating them through its several art cities.