Can I use the website for free?

Yes, you can open an account and use most of our services for free. However, some features are limited for premium accounts only. If you want to fully enjoy the experience of our service and get maximum efficiency, it's highly recommended to upgrade to premium account.

How can I change my location?

If you're traveling and looking for people in your desired destination, simply click on the plane icon (next to your current location) and add a new destination (multiple destinations also available). Once you've done that, you can easily switch locations by clicking on the country/area field. Note: You can only change your location, not your country of residence.

What is the tourists/locals buttons?

Each button shows different people in the country/area you are in: Tourists – travelers from around the world currently visiting or about to arrive. Locals – local people.

Why I don't find my home city on your list?

We do not show all cities in each country, but only the popular ones who are most visited by tourists. If you can't find your home city then choose the nearest city available.

What is the follow button?

If you find people you like, you can follow them and receive updated on some of their activities (new trips, new photos, etc…). Note that people you follow can choose to block you from following them.

How can I prevent people from following me?

If you wish to prevent specific people from following you, you can just block them.

What is the difference between regular and premium account?

Both accounts allow you to send winks, follow, be followed, contact people while home and abroad, and read messages freely from everyone. The main difference is that a regular account allows you to send messages to men only, while a premium account allows you to send messages to women.

Can I block users that are bugging me / trying to scam me?

Yes, enter their profile and click on the block icon. The user will no longer be able to contact you in any way. We strongly suggest that you also report to us any user that’s involved in such activity.